Saturday, August 28, 2004

saturday stuff

alright, it's 6:25 in the morning. yes 6:25am!!! up working some olympic coverage, so time for some saturday stuff, quickstyle:

*** --- alright, the u.s. men's team doesn't win gold in olympic basketball. so who didn't see this one coming? the team has no shooters and half of the nba's best opted out before the games. how about this...take the "team" that loses the nba finals and send them to the olympics that year. any "team" can win the gold for the u.s. if it is indeed a team, not a collection of players just thrown together at the last minute.

*** --- so, how about them jets!!! sure threw eli manning for a loop friday night. welcome to ny kid.

*** --- check out that american league wild card race. have you checked out the records of the red sox, angels and rangers the past 10 games? 9-1, 9-1 and 7-3. should be a great week as both the angels and rangers head east to fenway.

*** --- it's the republicans turn this week in new york. should be interesting to see the president deliver his acceptance speech in the round at msg.

*** ---manny ramirez is hands down, the best right handed hitter in the game today. you may knock man-ram for the now and again miscue (i.e. lack of effort), but there's no denying the work ethic he puts into his hitting.

*** --- can we please move forward now on whether john kerry deserved his medals or not? can the man lead this country through its most difficult stage in its history. that's the question i want answered by america's electorate.

*** --- the nhl players and owners are still squabbling over contract issues. the cba ends on september 15th. seems to me if hockey goes away it'll be like a tall tree falling in a desolete forest. will any care?

*** --- football is back for real tonight. #1 usc takes on virginia tech. nice to see the nfl and ncaa screwed mike williams from playing any football this year. how about this, let the kid pay back the money (if any) for the agent and let him play football.

*** --- hey paul hamm. enough. stop the whining already.

*** --- ok, sun's coming up. that means i'm out!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

the pats are that damn good!

so, being in new england and being a ny jets fan does get tough these days. i mean, the patriots have now won two of the last three super bowls and the jets aren't exactly coming off a great season. so, after preseason game number one, things haven't exactly changed. patriots rout the eagles 24-6 and the jets lose in new orleans 23-13. now results in week one of the exhibition season don't mean much, but it's what you see in the games that count.

here's my view: the pats are that damn good. brady throws for a td pass in his only series. dillon runs well. heck, even putting troy brown in as a cornerback even works a bit as he's in on one tackle. right now, bill belichick can do no wrong. the super bowl champions not only have gotten younger, (i.e. ty warren and vince wilfork taking over for the raiders duo of bobby hamilton and ted washington), they've gotten deeper (corey dillon is the new #1 back supplemented now by kevin faulk, fred mccrary and mike cloud instead of antwoine smith) but there is one weakness: the backup qb.

rohan davey has matured through his nfl europe championship winning season. now, pats fans must wait and see which rohan will take over the backup role left by damon huard heading to kansas city. friday's night win offered both versions. first half action saw davey not able to hit the side of a bus, nevermind an open receiver. second half action saw him look confident, capable (2 td's) and quite hard to tackle on the move by the eagles.

with cliff kingsbury the other backup at #3 (barring a jim miller comeback), don't be surprised if big bill signs another retread veteran just to be safe. he already brought the aforementioned miller and the now cut kurt kittner into camp. belichick is never quite comfortable with his "53." it's more a work in progress at the moment. always looking to get better in every area.

as for my jets, well..... if we could learn how to tackle and be more penetrating on both sides of the lines, that would be a great thing.

time will tell.